Interface DropboxAPI.UploadRequest

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Enclosing class:
DropboxAPI<SESS_T extends Session>

public static interface DropboxAPI.UploadRequest

A request to upload a file to Dropbox. This request can be canceled by calling abort().

Method Summary
 void abort()
          Aborts the request.
 DropboxAPI.Entry upload()
          Executes the request.

Method Detail


void abort()
Aborts the request. The original call to upload() will throw a DropboxPartialFileException.


DropboxAPI.Entry upload()
                        throws DropboxException
Executes the request.

an DropboxAPI.Entry representing the uploaded file.
DropboxPartialFileException - if the request was canceled before completion.
DropboxServerException - if the server responds with an error code. See the constants in DropboxServerException for the meaning of each error code. The most common error codes you can expect from this call are 404 (path to upload not found), 507 (user over quota), and 400 (unexpected parent rev).
DropboxIOException - if any network-related error occurs.
DropboxException - for any other unknown errors. This is also a superclass of all other Dropbox exceptions, so you may want to only catch this exception which signals that some kind of error occurred.